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Healthcare professionals play a critical role in supporting the health, safety, and wellness of people around the world. Working in a complex care environment—made even more complex by events such as the spread of COVID-19—doctors, nurses, and other Microsoft teams healthcare staff need access to tools that enable collaborative workflows to deliver high quality patient care. Both patients and clinicians need greater flexibility and convenience when it comes to being able to connect with each other across locations.

That’s why, today, we are announcing new capabilities coming soon to Microsoft 365 that empower care teams to securely collaborate and communicate, helping clinicians and administrators perform their jobs more effectively.

Knowing who is on shift and being able to reach them at the right time is key to delivering timely patient care. Often, valuable time is spent trying to identify the correct contact information for healthcare staff members. Currently with targeted communications in Teams, you can manually create tags to organize users based on attributes such as a role, skill, or location. Once applied you can message everyone assigned to a tag at the same time in a chat or channel conversation: for example, you can message all @Orderlies in a ward.

Healthcare customers share the benefits of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams

Northwell Health, New York state’s largest healthcare provider, has rolled out Teams to all of its employees, helping transform patient care coordination, and ultimately resulting in shorter hospital stays and improved patient outcomes. Vish Anantraman, AVP Chief Technology Innovation Officer, explains: “Microsoft Teams is a great platform for collaboration. It is a platform on which we have been able to innovate.”

Clinicians at UK National Health Service (NHS) Calderdale and Huddersfield foundation trust are conducting virtual visits with patients using Teams, saving on travel time for both doctors and patients. They’ve seen the quality of care increase and costs reduced. Learn how NHS Calderdale and Huddersfield foundation trust use Microsoft Teams for epilepsy and oncology care.

With locations in 26 countries, Cerner Corporation, is using Teams to help its associates work smarter to power healthcare innovation with Microsoft 365. Bill Graff, Chief Information Officer, explains, “We were looking for borderless mobility, an intelligent work experience infused with AI. And we wanted that work to happen in an environment with tight security from the start. Microsoft 365 delivers on all counts.”


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