Develop a bed bug treatment for hospitals

Whether you are in a hospital, doctor’s office, retirement community or some other form of healthcare facility, you expect things to be clean. Hospitals and doctor offices, in particular, are expected to have a sterile environment where beds, patient areas, medical equipment and other important components of patient care are kept clean and free from insects.

Why are healthcare facilities a bed bug risk?
Because hospitals, hospices, elder care facilities and group homes experience significant human traffic carrying personal belongings and host sleeping people in multiple rooms, they are at high risk for bed bug infestations. These characteristics make them places where bed bug populations can grow, spread and impact staff, visitors and patients.

Getting rid of bed bugs in hospitals
Bed bugs are hard to get rid of in any scenario because they are very good at hiding and are very tiny. Unless you are trained to search all potential bed bug hiding places, you could easily miss a few of them. Bed bugs hide within the folds of a mattress, cracks in a piece of wooden furniture or behind photos, pictures, within light fixtures or in electrical sockets. This makes it hard to find them all and missing a couple can cause a re-infestation. Just when you think you’ve gotten rid of the bed bugs, they can come back and start an infestation all over again.

The bad news is there is no real way to prevent these bugs from entering your facility. However, quick and effective interventions can stop the spread and reduce the risks of a serious infestation in patient rooms, lounges, waiting rooms, or anywhere else in your healthcare facility. Because bed bug infestations in healthcare facilities happen often, managers invest heavily in pest control treatment and prevention programs.

If you believe you have a bed bug infestation contacting Toronto’s premiere bed bug heat treatment specialists, Thermokill will help you remove bed bugs from anywhere in the area as they can hide in any small crevice even in nail indentations.

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